Jay - Core Health Partners, CHP


Dr. Jay

Oral Health Specialist

Dr. J, a seasoned professional, combines a decade of experience in clinical research with a profound commitment to comprehensive dental care. She has provided exceptional dental services to over 40,000 patients and has spearheaded more than 100 community health camps, focusing on improving access to dental care for underserved populations in India. Her community-oriented approach is coupled with a deep commitment to patient education and preventive care, significantly contributing to better health outcomes. As an effective team leader, Dr. J excels at fostering collaboration and motivating her team to achieve high performance in both clinical and community settings. Her strong project and time management skills ensure that all initiatives are executed efficiently and achieve targeted goals. Educationally grounded with a Master of Science in Microbiology and pursuing a Master’s in Comparative Biomedical Sciences at the University of Georgia, she possesses deep expertise in dentistry and oral microbiology. She is also skilled in bioinformatics tools, enhancing her research capabilities….