John Garnaas - Core Health Partners, CHP

John Garnaas

John Garnaas

John Garnaas is a visionary leader in developing America’s Health and wellness environments, serving as President of Healthy Living Centers of America.

John has dedicated his life to designing developing and delivering supportive health and wellness environments, including the YMCAs first Healthy Living Center in Clive Iowa. These environments become a community hub for a variety of clinical services and social support and the retail wellness support that play a critical role in chronic disease prevention.

John Garnaas and Paul Thein partnered with the shared vision to bring integrated health and wellness to Florida and 2017 and now Jogn serves as a member of the Core Health Partners Advisory team of national experts who advise and guide Core Health Partners in being the leader in health and wellness delivery, assuring health equity and health outcomes are achieved by enhancing the spaces and programs where the people live, learn and play. Creating environments that enhance Prevention, Restoration and Rehabilitation is always the goal.

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