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THE CORE HEALTH PARTNER MISSION to create, deliver, and sustain preventative health management environments that ignite the SPIRIT, engage the MIND, and strengthen the BODY.



Our team strives to empower individuals to achieve personal health goals through motivational interviewing and other coaching methods for the overall improvement of their physical, mental, social and emotional well being.


Our team devotes time and effort in supporting individuals through physical therapy services, health coaching, and evidence-based programs, no matter where a person is in their health journey.


Our team is dedicated to improving the health literacy of individuals, their families, and the communities in which we live.


We give our clients the tools to reach their health goals and guide them on a journey to a sustainable transformation for better health and quality of life.


Integrity starts with being honest and respecting your responsibility to following through  with actions that create instilling sound, moral and ethical principles in both your work and home environment  that help  create a better community to raise one another to higher standards of care and motivation.

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CHP realizes the importance of measurable assessment and reassessments as critical steps in reaching the goal.


CHP understands each community is
different. We believe the best way to move our health agenda to tangible results is to seek out partner agencies and not to compete against services that may already be available.


CHP creates processes for clinic and community integration producing collaborative partnerships and team-based care that addresses chronic disease management and social determinants of health.


CHP promotes the administration of comprehensive and high-quality health assessments that identify clinical, social, and community needs.


CHP engage groups and individuals across the continuum of care through primary,
secondary, and tertiary prevention efforts.


CHP provide health and wellness programs and services that promote evidence-based best practices for provision of person and family centered quality of care and outcomes.



Offers Unique Clinical Partnerships that Strengthen Community Well Being

As much as 90% of what impacts an individual’s health takes place outside clinical walls. The benefits of effective clinical preventive services (CPS) is clear, yet on average Americans only receive half of the recommended care needed.  A healthier community requires a stronger health system that has connections to what impacts health. Improving the health of a community simply can’t be done by any one entity.

CHP’s Nurse Navigator Checks the Blood Sugars of Residents Living in a Florida Migrant Workers Camp.

Core Health Partners bridges the gaps between the medical system and community agencies. Core Health Partners (CHP) offers a missing link to community health by partnering with agencies to offer meaningful access to clinic services where the people live and play.

The socio ecological model of health, and the behavioral science literature, demonstrates that personal choices are heavily influenced by broader social, economic, cultural, health, and environmental conditions. Counseling lifestyle change cannot realistically be effective without being coordinated with efforts in the community that create living conditions that support healthier choices.

Core Health Partners (CHP) integrated health care model offers; education, lifestyle intervention, and clinical services in supportive community center environments and their “clinic to community’ format is designed for duplication across the nation.

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Offering Medical Health Care in Community Settings

The vast majority of Americans want a healthier future and they say that they are willing to take action to improve their individual well being, yet only 20-percent are self directed to take action.

A well being lifestyle is similar to great art … it can be challenging to define, but you know it when you experience it.  Wellness isn’t a work out, it is a lifestyle. Prevention is more than simply ordering a test, immunizations and counseling a patient. The unique “clinical to community” model, implemented by Core Health Partners (CHP) fills the medical gaps, focusing on patient education and engagement.

The CHP medical model is person centered, provider driven, medically integrated, and outcomes based. CHP assessments are focused on uniquely engaging each individual where they are and motivate them through the recommended  lifestyle changes.

Our clinical preventive services are geared towards sustaining a wellness plan through lifestyle changes in supportive community environments.  Our goal is to achieve positive long-term behavior changes that benefit long-term well being.

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Ignite the spirit. Engage the mind. Strengthen the body.