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Core Health Partners Foundation Internship Program

The Core Health Partners Foundation proudly provides oversight for our intern program. The CHP Foundations role is to help others learn our unique  “clinic to community” model of service so that is can be expanded in other communities across the country.   Experienced clinical staff and administrative team members have been  selected to serve as mentors for the internship experience. Core Health Partners (CHP) works alongside the qualified institutes of higher education to jointly promote the intern program as an experiential learning project. This program is proven to further enhance the connection between work and learning, while offering perspectives on preventative health.

Unlike the sick based clinical model, Core Health Partners  internship is a unique clinical experiences in an atmosphere that promotes early identification (through screenings) and prevention (through treatment plans) and education (through health promotion).  Education, and service to community, are our guiding principles that shape our Intern program.  Our work takes place in community settings, where the children and families live and play, not in the traditional hospital, or walls of a therapy clinic.  The CHP team prides itself on being mobile, efficient, passionate, and innovative. Interns will learn this new style of clinical care.

Core Health Partners provide this cooperative educational and occupational experience as a way to benefit the individual, community, partner agencies, patients, and the neighborhoods we serve.  Students will be mentored by qualified and passionate professionals where they’ll  learn, work, network. Interns should expect to be challenged under the supervision of the CHP professionals.

Core Health Partners Internship experiences are only available through accredited  colleges, and universities who have vetted their academic programs as a pathway to our internship model. Once, selected CHP is committed to provide the qualified individuals meaningful work experience as part of their academic transcript and as an enhancement to their professional portfolio.

The internships are not paid positions and we realize that not every applicant is motivated or ready for the Core Health Partners experience.  Our interns are vetted through a stringent process that starts with our partner colleges, or universities. This prescreening assures the candidate has the appropriate training, education, and motivation to prepare them to excel as a CHP intern.  The final selection as a Core Health Partners intern is a privilege and an honor. Candidates completing the intern will be given first consideration for employment should a position be available after they successfully complete the program.

Exciting beginning as students from Nova Southeastern University set foot on Core Health Partners’ program sites to kick off their internship. This collaborative venture paves the way for master’s degree students to gain invaluable, real-world experience in their field.

Shown in the photo (L to R)

Ioana Scripa: Director, Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Assistant Professor.
Stephanie Petrosky: Chair of Nutrition and Director; Nutrition Associate Professor.
Carolina Root: (Intern) from Nova Southeastern University, joining forces with Core Health Partners.
very own Nohely Torres and Paul Thein

Universities Participating in the Core Health Partners’ Intern Experience

Meet the Core Health Partner Mentors

Paul J. Thein, ED.S.

Sport Management/ Administration

Lindy Abed, RDN, LD

Internship Coordinator

The Responsibility of the Core Health Partner Mentor:

  • Provide an overview of the Core Health Partners service sites and the Paradise Coast community, Immokalee, Naples, Marco Island, and Lee County.
  • Introduce the student to the exciting clinic to community model of service and CHP’s pathways to wellness.
  • Assist the student in developing specific learning objectives, measurement tools, expected outcomes, and a list of job duties that correspond with the learning objectives and expectations of the University.
  • Assist the student in attaining the learning objectives.
  • Complete evaluations of the student’s activities/progress and verify the number of hours completed.
  • Complete a final narrative in evaluation of the student to the Internship.

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