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The Diabetes Program (DSME)

Take Control of this Disease, Or it Will Take Control of You...


Self-Management & Education (DSME)

The DSME program is designed to support and educate those living with type 1, or type 2 diabetes. DSME is covered by Medicare and most all private insurance. For a PDF version of a printable medical referral form, CLICK HERE.

Core Health Partners, CHP offers a unique Diabetes Self-Management & Education (DSME) program that was uniquely designed by clinical and wellness professionals. The goal was simply to provide and pass on the best knowledge, skill, and ability necessary for sustainable long-term diabetes self-care.

The overall objectives of DSME are to support informed decision making, self-care behaviors and problem solving through collaboration with CHP’s health care team. Through these interactions CHP has proven to improve clinical outcomes, health status, and quality of life for those living with chronic disease.

Engaging Nutrition Education Led by Knowledgeable Professionals

Initial DSME includes 10-hours of education* and self-management techniques. The 10-hours includes a one-hour session with a registered dietitian and the four group courses (see course descriptions below). With a medical referral your insurance helps pay for the DSME service and each year you qualify for an additional two-hours of maintenance education.

Don’t worry if your schedule conflicts with some of the dates (or times), as you have one-year to exhaust your insurance benefits and our DSME group session classes repeat often. The Core Health Partners group DSME sessions are focused on the following topics:

The Diabetes Alliance Network has established guidelines for persons diagnosed with diabetes. This course  will help you understand how to navigate your way through the lifestyle and diet changes needed to make and gain a better understanding of your disease. CHP will help educate you on how to best manage life with diabetes, including how to find the right support you need. Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Monitoring Blood Glucose, Taking Medication, Stress Reduction. This is an introductory session to help prepare you for more in-depth sessions in CHP’s follow up DSME sessions.

“What can I eat?” is the #1 question asked by people with diabetes when they are diagnosed. Many people mistakenly believe that having diabetes means they can no longer eat any carbohydrates. No fruit, pasta, rice, bread, and more. But that’s far from the truth… Because carbohydrates break down into glucose, they have the greatest impact on your blood glucose level. To help control your blood sugar, you may need to learn to calculate the amount of carbohydrates you are eating so that you can adjust the dose of insulin accordingly. It’s important to keep track of the amount of carbohydrates in each meal or snack.

Controlling your diabetes is a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly challenge, but the effort is worth it. Our bodies respond better to lifestyle changes early in the disease process, rather than allowing uncontrolled diabetes to go on for a few years before getting serious about taking care of the condition. Managing diabetes is like a three-way balancing act: The medicines you take (insulin or pills), the food you eat, and the amount of exercise you get all need to be in sync. You’ll live better longer with less risk of problems from diabetes like heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, even blindness. This session will provide strategies and techniques that are proven to be best practices to taking control of the disease.

This session is designed to discuss best practice activities that and are within your budget and concepts and techniques that are focused to help you stick with it. Select a few things that keep you moving (aerobic exercise like walking or swimming) and a few that help you build muscles (like using weight machines or walking with light weights). You will be introduced to some of the best in industry to help you manage a long-term strategy to stay on track and take control.

Itchaqueira Fontanez, RD/N

Itchaqueira Fontanez, RD/N is a leader is teaching Core Health Partners unique Diabetes Self Management and Education (DSME) program. Itchaqueira is capable of delivering nutritional advice in multiple languages. She has an ability to inspire the children with the importance of food education, regardless of their age.


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For those living with Type 1, or Type 2 diabetes insurance pays for DSME and MNT

Contact today to see if your insurance covers; up to 10 hours of wellness training

The American Diabetes Association recognizes the education services of Core Health Partners as meeting the National standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education* and Support.

Medicare typically covers Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for persons diagnosed with diabetes.

“Brings Clinic to Community through TeleHealth”


Regardless of where you live, Core Health Partners helps you gain the medical insight needed to best manage your chronic disease.


Learn how your insurance will help pay for Diabetes Education.

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CHP's Clinic to Community DSME facilitates services to migrant field workers.

Bringing the

Clinic to the


Podcast: Core Health Partners & the National Wellness Institute form an Alliance to support Diabetes.

Core Health Partners is a National Affiliate Member of the Diabetes Alliance Network (DAN), an organization of National experts who collaboratively serve the complex needs of those living, or caring for, persons living with diabetes (Type I & Type 2).

Core Health Partners and Help a Diabetic Child Foundation (HADC) were the original partners charged to design and implement a strategy for a diabetes self-management and education (DSME) program in the YMCAs. Their work has earned recognition status by the American Diabetes Association and also has earned Core Health Partners the distinction of Preferred Provider by the National Wellness Institute (NWI), the worldwide voice of the wellness community movement (since 1977).


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