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Core Health Partners office new 3-D body scan could help prevent costly surgeries, save you money

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New 3-D body scan could help prevent costly surgeries, save you money

Diabetes, tendonitis and surgery can all cost you a lot of money, but 3-D body scans might help you save on those medical bills.

Michael Pagliccia recently had a 3-D scan done in Collier County. He hopes the data can help prevent costly surgery in the years to come.
Pagliccia says he’s been exercising since he was 15 and now, at 55, he is still in great shape.

“I just want to take anything I can use to my benefit, even at 55,” he said.

Which is why he opted to get scanned by this device called Styku. It’s one of several 3-D body scanners available in the U.S. which can measure muscle mass, body fat and posture, all in a process that takes about 35 seconds.
It’s similar to how you might be scanned at airport security.
“It’s new technology. They didn’t have it when I was 15,” he said.

Angela Prodanov is a physical therapist who can use the data found from this scan to help patients like Pagliccia develope smarter fitness plans going forward.

“This is able to help us prevent and manage chronic disease,” she said, like diabetes and heart disease, as the device determines which parts of you are fat and which parts of you are lean, so you can lose weight in the healthiest way possible.
“It’s just another piece of the puzzle that helps us build a picture of the patient,” said Prodanov.

She hopes seeing the data firsthand will motivate those patients to take action and live healthier lives.

Following shoulder surgery, Pagliccia hopes this machine can help him pinpoint muscle imbalances and poor posture.
“I’ll have another scan in three months and see what areas have gotten better,” he said.

This kind of scanner is typically not covered by health insurance. The initial cost of screening at the facility in Collier County where Pagliccia got his scan done is $150, but that can vary from place to place.

However, the data you get and take to a dietician or physical therapist may help you get the cost of those visits covered.

3D Body Scan & Assessment Services

Our assessment services are designed to track progress through measurement of body composition with 3D scanner, movement assessment, fitness assessment, Stress Score evaluation and summary. Our approach uses provides personalized tools and education so that you can make smart lifestyle changes, take control of your health, and reach your goals. Our services include reviewing your assessment results with a goal to set new habit-based goals and strategies for the months ahead. After your assessment your Core Health Partner coach has the ability to review results from your assessment, set new habit-based goals, and strategize the months ahead. The CHP staff is able to provide you with a custom workout plan designed with movements that are best for your body (based on your evaluation). Your program includes prescribed sets, reps, tempo, and rest intervals to help you reach your goals efficiently.

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