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Core Health Partners, (CHP) is a community-based organization that delivers services within the spectrum of prevention, restoration, and rehabilitation. The CHP model is built upon a seamless integration of (a) clinical care, (b) medical-based fitness, (c) community-based resources, and (d) self-management coaching and education. CHP is supported by a team of physical & occupational therapists/assistants, nurses, dietitians, health coaches, and fitness experts delivering therapy services, chronic disease management programs, and health coaching. CHP works collaboratively with physicians, employers and community partners committed to sharing resources, expertise, and visions for a healthier community. We are impacting one person and community at a time and looking to expand our healthcare team to be STRONGER TOGETHER!

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Team Mentors

Dr. Figley, MD.RD, MPH

Chief Pathway Officer
Leader Florida Wellness
Language: Eng. Span. Ital.

Dr. Sauerwald, PT, AIB-VRC

Pathway Leader PT
Language: Eng. Span.

Lisa Feola, OTR

Pathway Leader OT
Leader Marco Island

Ainalez Lopez M.S. CCC-SLP

Pathway Leader, SLP
Autism Specialist / ADOS
Leader Immokalee, Fl.
Language: Eng. Span.

Andrew Nieves, MS. ATC

Pathway Leader Sports injury
Certified Athletic Trainer
Leader CHP Lab (Sanchez)
Language: Eng. Span.

Lindy Abed, RDN, LD

Pathway Leader Nutrition
Dir. ADA DSME Program
Leader Obesity Prevention