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Dennis Thein

Dennis J. Thein

Dennis Thein is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. His experience in business includes leading one of the oldest water well drilling companies in America as the President and CEO. His grandfather (Eugene Thein) became an American pioneer in digging water wells for the early settlers first inhabiting the prairie lands of Minnesota 150 years ago. By 1893 the Thein’s formally formed a drilling company, Thein Well Drilling that Dennis’s father (Peter Thein, Senior) grew into a thriving business. Dennis’s father taught all his son’s (Lenard, Joe, Stanley, Dennis, and Peter) the trade of well drilling and expecting them to learn all parts of the job. Lenard was killed in world war two and Joe Thein in a drilling accident. The remaining three brothers served alongside each other as equal owners in the business spreading the operation and offices across multiple states in the Midwest.

The Thein became synonymous with providing clean water family drilling wells in Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin Illinois and some in Upper Michigan. Over time their legacy for producing water helped expanded the Thein water operations to be one of the largest drilling operations in Midwest America. Dennis younger brother Peter Thein was elected as President of both the Minnesota Water Well Association and the National Groundwater Association.

Dennis credits the work ethic his father bestowed upon his son’s and the fact they were expected to know all facets of the business, as the winning formula for growing the family legacy. He believes that same work ethic and honesty has been passed down to the next generation of Thein’s and the grandchildren, many who are in the business. Dennis fully recognizes that anyone can buy a drilling rig and know how to drill a well, but they don’t know how to run a business.

Under Dennis’s leadership as President the company they built a reputation for mastering well drilling, while guaranteeing every job. Dennis, an innovator in the field, Dennis holds several patents in the water industry. He also held the highest certification in water well drilling becoming a certified Master Water Well Contractor.

Dennis , along with two of his boys Mark and Paul (wearing hard hat), drill a municipal well.

Dennis and Marge Thein stand together with the Thein Well equipment in the background.

Over the years the Thein drilling methods attracted people from around the world to learn more about their business operations. The United Arab Emirates purchased drilling equipment and trained under the Thein drilling methods. In the 1970’s the U.S. government, sent a contingent of engineers from India to visit Thein Well Company for a month to study the Thein techniques of producing clean water. The Thein drillers have also been involved with helping restore water to Third World counties, including Hatti. Although Dennis is retired from drilling, Thein Well Company continues in their success in producing clean water yet today.

Dennis has quietly used his business savvy and entrepreneurial leadership to successfully invest and operate a variety of ventures. His past ventures include real-estate, farming, gemology, vacation tourism, and even a sport memorabilia company, Globex International Inc. Under Dennis oversight Globex went from a conceptual startup to a multiple million dollar international player in the sport marketing industry. Globex trademarked and licensed their memorabilia across America and their offerings included a series of collectable Russian style wooden nesting dolls. The dolls, trademarked as StackerdollsTM were sold as collectables to major sport entities that included NCAA collegiate programs and professional sport franchises in the NHL, NFL, and the NBA.

Stackerdoll and the Bobble Heads were Trademarked sport collectibles produced, licensed, and distributed by Thein’s company, Globex International.

Thein family photo L to R: Dennis, Paul, Teresa, Mark, Craig, and Marge

Dennis, married for over 60-years to his lovely wife Marge a retired as a nurse with the Mayo Clinic raised four successful children, Mark, Paul, Teresa and Craig. Mark and Craig are owners in the water well drilling business, while their daughter Teresa, an entrepreneur and a business administrator with a Minneapolis area Catholic Church.

In 2017 Dennis joined his son Paul in opening Core Health Partners, a series of healthcare clinics that uniquely offer services in places were the people live, learn, and play. Their ultimate goal is to battle the chronic disease epidemic facing America, through enhancing health equity and building a pathways to wellness.