Itchaqueira Fontanez, RD/ LN - Core Health Partners, CHP

Itchaqueira Fontanez, RD/ LN

Itchaqueira B. Fontanez, RDN, LD

Registered Dietitian/ Nutritionist

Itchaqueira B. Fontanez, graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Food science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion. After working for the WIC program in Orlando, Florida she joined the Peace Corps and served as a Community Health volunteer in Burkina Faso for sixteen months. Upon return she served the community of Fort Myers as a Nutrition educator with the Department of Health and completed her dietetic internship to became a Registered and Licensed dietitian. She has worked with a varied populations as well as health conditions in both clinical and community settings. Her passion for community, disease prevention and disease management has guided her to join Core Health Partners in the mission “to create, deliver, and sustain preventative health management environments that ignite the spirit, engage the mind, and strengthen the body” through empowerment, support, education, transformation, and integrity.

Itchaqueira, a registered dietitian with Core Health Partners helps those who live with diabetes with self-management and education including a medical nutrition therapy program designed for those who use a continuous glucose monitor. To fully understand the advantage of a continuous glucose monitor Itchaqueira Fontanez, RD/LN places CGM sensor on her arm and lives with the device although she herself does not have diabetes.

Itchaqueira Fontanez a Registered Dietition with Core Health Partners explains to the children of migrant field workers in Spanish the importance of nutrition in diabetes prevention.