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Melicent Bussey

Melicent M Bussey PT, CTR, CLT, WCS

Physical Therapist

Melicent Bussey expresses her greatest reward as a physical therapist as seeing her patients achieve functional gains in areas they never thought possible. She enjoys mentoring and supporting her colleagues learning through sharing information that enhances professional growth. Melicent has worked in all setting during the course of her career and she expresses her specialty as Gerontology. Although she has an extensive background geriatrics, Melicent experience includes being well versed in the areas of acute and chronic disease management, pain management, orthopedic, and neuro rehabilitation.

Melicent Busey is a Graduate from the University Of Toledo & The Medical College Of Ohio and is a lifelong learner. After earning her degree in Physical Therapy, before choosing to advance her studies in energy medicine by enrolling in the Still Point Institute of Advanced Energy Medicine program in 1991 and later the Wound Care Education Institute (WCEI) becoming WCC certified in in 1999. Melicent added a Certification in Lymphedema to her wound care skill set in 2006. In 2016 Melicent Bussey enrolled in a PHD program in Metaphysic at the University of Sedona where she is completing her Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and is expected to complete her dissertation in December of 2021. Melicent has completed additional studies in the area of Chinese Medicine which includes a certification in Cupping and Gua Sha (July 2019), and a CTR certification in telehealth rehabilitation 2021.

Besides direct patient care, Melicent Bussey role with Core Health Partners includes development of the YMCA education and program for the Clinic to Community Model of service. She directly serves as the Clinical Supervisor for DPT students and is charged with development of CHP’s operation management, program development, community education programs, diabetes management program, and for PTA supervision and orientation.

Physical Therapist Melicent Bussey with Core Health Partners Explains the Clinic to Community Model of Service