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Sam Patel

Sam Patel, MPT

Medical Management

Sam’s goal is always been focused on helping others. Before entering the pharmacy business, Sam Patel earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Rajiv Gandhi University, India (2007) and Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from Dallas Baptist University, Texas in 2010. Even as a practicing therapist Sam gravitated to assisting individuals minimize their cost on pharmaceuticals. Sam found a passion in pharmacy management for his patients.

For past decade Sam Patel has devoted himself to become a medical liaison for others . He has helped many with the balancing act of affording their prescriptions. Sam Patel has built a team of experts in the pharmaceutical field who today collaborate with him and help deliver and design tailored, evidenced based suggestions for costs containments and improvements to the patients bottom line. Patient care is his definitely a top priority for Sam. He understands how critical it is for many to maintain costs for prescriptions. His expertise in organizational, analytical & communication skills assists him in maintaining positive relationships that have helped him be successful in the field of medical management. Over the years Sam has built a winning strategy to create complete and accurate foundation for medication management that he now passes on to others.

Sam Patel currently lives in Port Orange, Florida with his beautiful wife and son. Apart from his professional life Sam enjoys traveling with family and friends. He is very outgoing personality that values diverse cultures. He has strong ability to interact socially with people and he believe that effective and timely communication is the key to his success.