University of Florida Attestation with HIPAA - Core Health Partners, CHP

University of Florida Attestation with HIPAA

Attestation to comply with HIPAA regulations and requirements outlined by the Core Health Partners Foundation.

The Core Health Partners Foundation requires each person working with clinical data obtain formal permission from the Core Health Partners Foundation and Core Health Partners LLC, due to the sensitive nature of the data and high risk to the organization working with private Health information.

By completing this attestation, organizations are agreeing that, as a condition of having been granted permission to use and receive information from Core Health Partners Foundation databases (e.g., access to enrollment eligibility information to perform enrollment/disenrollment transactions), they will not use their access to that information to operate lines of business not directly related to the operation of motivation and navigation services that may include contacting the person enrolled in the program or clinical service. Most significantly, organizations are not to use data obtained from the Core Health Partners Foundation systems to develop, market, or operate lines of business unrelated to the plan of operations. The Core Health Partners Foundation intends for this attestation to govern only the information an organization obtains solely as a result of the access to systems granted to the organization because it is role as a referring medical provider, or due to the business relationship Core Health Partners and the Core Health Partners Foundation has with the organization being granted access. This attestation is not meant to restrict organizations’ use of data to perform those activities that can be directly related to management of their chronic disease planning and case management. For example, organizations may use the data from the Core Health Partners Foundation system of care to develop and carry out quality improvement projects or to conduct the analysis necessary to achieve new funding in support of grant funding applications, or to report to philanthropy. However, this access and attestation is not a blanket coverage for unbridled uses, such as human subject research and the attestation may not obviate the need for a new specific data privacy attestation from the individual for such sensitive projects that are unrelated to the matriculation of the program plan and case management of the Core Health Partners Foundation pathway to wellness programs. By attesting to the permission granted though this agreement the agency and individual representing the agency fully recognize and agree to their responsibilities and they agree that their access to this portal system may be monitored and reported to organizations who have business agreements with the Core Health Partners Foundation, Core Health Partners LLC, the Togetherhoods Initiative, the Diabetes Alliance Network and those agencies that fund or refer persons in need as patients to the chronic disease and developmental delay support programs that this data and the pathway to wellness supports.

Organizations should keep in mind that they are responsible for the conduct of any of the subcontractors to which they have granted access to the Core Health Partners Foundation information systems to perform related contract work on their behalf. Misuse of the data by a subcontractor in this instance may result in termination of the contracting organization’s access to this HIPAA compliant portal and the information contained within the system. The terms of the data use attestation do not replace any rules governing marketing of non-Medicare covered products (e.g., value added items and services [VAIS]). Please see the Medicare Marketing Guidelines for information concerning the rules governing organizations’ marketing of services not paid for by Medicare to beneficiaries.

I attest that I have read and understand the sensitive nature of this data as it relates to the privacy of the individual and my responsibilities in complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, HIPAA. I fully understand my restrictions of the proper use and intent of use outlined in the HIPAA regulations and requirements outlined by the Core Health Partners Foundation.

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